Marketing Your Services on Twitter

By Rich Henderson

In terms of internet marketing, there are many successful methods. For example, article directories, link exchanges, search engine optimization, and buying advertisements can all increase your website traffic. Yes, your main goal is to make a sale of your service, but before you can do so website traffic needs to increase. In addition to the above mentioned internet marketing techniques, you can do so with a free Twitter account.

Twitter is a social networking website. It is user based. Internet users start by creating a free account. They create a username, password, provide their email address, and develop a list of contacts. These contacts can be found by performing a Twitter search based on location, name, and email address. Members then send updates, otherwise known as Tweets and visa versa. Replies can be sent with the use of @replies. These updates, which should be 140 characters or less, are shared via the Twitter website, RSS Feeds, Facebook, some mobile web applications, and more.

Since your goal is to use Twitter as an internet marketing tool, you may want your first post to direct people to your website where information on the service you sell is available. Yes, you want to do this, but it is important to be smart about it. Cleverly marketing your services on Twitter is important, as straight up advertisements are often frowned upon by other members.

If your list of followers includes your targeted market or internet users you do not personally know, it is important to create a personal message first. If your first Tweet is an advertisement, you may push members away from you. This is not your goal. Since you are still learning how to use Twitter, your answer to the “what are you doing question,” could be that you are exploring the Twitter website to learn more.

For your next Twitter update, start working on your website and the service you sell. As previously stated, Twitter asks what you are doing. So, answer the question, but incorporate your service into your Tweet. For example, freelance web designers could write “I just finished designing a website for a client.” This establishes that you are a web designer who works for pay. If anyone needs your service, they will inquire into your rates.

Although Twitter asks what you are doing, many internet users don’t answer the question. In fact, some ask a question. Whether you receive a question as an update from a member you follow or if you search on, send an @response when applicable. Keeping with the example of web designer, is someone expressing their frustration with creating a website or does someone express interest in creating a site? If so, send a personal message outlining that you work as a web designer and include a link to your website. You may acquire a new client, especially if you offer a discount.

As previously stated, you want to smartly market your services on Twitter. Yes, you want to advertise your services, but they key is making your Tweets appear as personal, helpful messages, essentially advertisements in disguise

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