How to Turn Your Blog Into a Social Media Magnet

By Hennessy Moore

The various ways we market products and services have been revolutionized as a result of the emergence of social media services like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The way we now share content and communicate online has changed for the better, often resulting in savings in expense, effort and time, partly due to social media tools like blogs.

I want to share my experience of why putting your blog at the centre of your social media marketing campaign can dramatically improve your success rate:

Choose a Right Theme for Your Blog

Visitors to your blog must know what your blog is about the moment they arrive there. The Blog title, the header, the “About Me” page must clearly give your visitors a clear indication of what they should expect to read about. The theme also helps you focus on your content, which is fundamental to your success. As an example, the Wise Bread blog has “Living Large on a Small Budget” as its theme. FREELANCESWITCH has “Make the Switch!” as its theme…get the idea? Having your theme well defined can help reiterate your focus across other social media services like Facebook (on your Group and Fan Page).

Pay Careful Attention to Your Blog Design and Layout

It’s not just the content of your blog but also the look and feel of it that determines how much time your visitors will spend on it, and consequently whether they’re like to come back. There are some excellent free blog design tools which require only a minimum skill for you to put together a good blog. I strongly recommend WordPress, which has many features and plug-ins, and a good selection of templates.

Link to Other Services

Ensure your blog is linked to the social media services. If you don’t have any, open a Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln accounts and make the icons clearly visible on your blog.

Link to RSS Feed

The Really Simple Syndication (RSS) gives you an opportunity to easily connect with your visitors and share your content with them, either via email or their web reader. For example a medical spa blog uses a free Feedburner RSS technology that invites readers to subscribe via email or a web reader. Your readers can then automatically receive your content every time you post to your blog, thereby increasing your visibility and readability!

Publish Your Blog to Networks

Publicise your content to the social media networks every time you post to your blog. Your post is automatically fed to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts by using network publishers like LinksAlpha.

Include Your Social Media in your Email Signature

It’s a good idea to include a link to your blog in all your email messages. Tools like Wisestamp are a free way to add social media savvy whenever you send out email messages. When you consider your blog to be the centre of your social media marketing, that allows you to send out longer messages via your blog post, link them out to other social media channels effortlessly, and that enables your readers to click widgets and seamlessly share your content with social contacts.

Finally, I would just like to add that the latest stats indicate that Facebook has over 600 million users and Twitter over 200 million – it’s worth making use of those markets, right?

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